Mr. Sun, Mr. Dong and Miss Dong successfully defended their Master theses

硕士生答辩:Mr. Sun, Mr. Dong and Miss Dong successfully defended their Master theses

On June 3, 2020, Mr. Jie Sun, Mr. Guo-hua Dong and Miss Qian Dong supervised by Prof. Zhen Fang, successfully defended their theses in A302 Huixia Building, Pukou Campus of Nanjing Agricultural University. The defending committee was composed of Prof. Chun-xia He (chair) from Nanjing Agricultural University, Prof. Hong-mei Jin from Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, associate Prof. Xiao-yu Yong from Nanjing Technology University and associate Prof. Yu-tao Liu from Nanjing Agricultural University.

Mr. Sun, Mr. Dong and Miss Dong presented their research results for Master theses, the committee members raised relevant questions. Based on the replies and theses reviewed, the panel agreed that the three students had successfully completed their research and course requirements on agricultural bio-environment and energy engineering. Mr. Sun studied the hydrothermal gasification of agricultural wastes in subcritical water system with his thesis entitled “Catalytic gasification of lignocellulosic wastes with Ni-Co bimetallic catalysts in subcritical water”. Mr. Dong studied the gasification of cooking wastes with Ni-BN/Al2O3 in subcritical water to produce hydrogen with his thesis entitled “Subcritical hydrothermal gasification of cooking wastes with Ni-BN/Al2O3 catalyst to produce hydrogen rich gas”. He selected the process conditions for producing hydrogen from cooking waste and achieved the gasification of cooking wastes. Miss Dong studied the pretreatment of cotton stalk with ethylene glycol-chloride salts with her thesis of “Study on enzymatic hydrolysis and saccharification of cotton straw pretreated with ethylene glycol-chloride salts”. She optimized the pretreatment conditions and achieved the cotton stalk efficient saccharification. As first author, Mr. Sun published 1 Journal paper (Q1) and filed 1 invention patent. Mr. Dong co-authored 3 papers and Miss Dong co-authored 6 papers.

After the jury voted by secret ballot, the panel agree to confer Master of Science in Engineering Degree to Mr. Jie Sun, Master of Engineering Degrees to Mr. Guo-hua Dong and Miss Qian Dong, respectively subjected to the approval by the Academic Degrees Committees of the college and university.

Mr. Sun and Mr. Dong got decent job, and Miss Dong continues her PhD study. Congratulations!