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Microwave-assisted biodiesel production and hydrothermal gasification of by-product glycerol to hydrogen

星期四, 7 11 月, 2013

Biodiesel, as an environmental-friendly renewable energy, receives continuous attention and is extensively studied. How to improve the efficiency of biodiesel production is a hot research topic. As the biodiesel industry grows rapidly, the discharge of main by-product glycerol increases substantially. Therefore, utilizing by-product glycerol to produce high value-added products has become the new focus of attention. (更多…)


星期四, 7 11 月, 2013

生物柴油作为一种环境友好的可再生能源,近年来受到人们的持续关注和广泛研究,而如何提高生物柴油生产效率一直是研究的热点问题。在生物柴油产业迅速发展的同时,副产物甘油也随之大量产生,如何利用副产物甘油制备高附加值产品氢气已成为新的关注点。氢气可作为清洁能源使用,而且可以用于燃料电池领域,应用前景非常广阔。 (更多…)

Two students supervised by Professor Zhen Fang graduated from Biomass group

星期四, 7 11 月, 2013

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On May 21st, 2013, two students supervised by Professor Zhen Fang from Biomass group, Mr. Baojin Xue and Mr. Xiaofei Tian, successfully defended their graduation oral examinations in Kunming Brach of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. (更多…)