Int’l Symp. ISASWR’24

As agreed by Prof. Kenji Mishima (Chair,  ISASWR’17), the 6th international symposium & exhibition on “Aqua Science and Water Resources (ISASWR’24)” with 300-350 delegates will be hosted by Nanjing Agricultural university,  jointly with Tohoku University and Nankai University in Sep 2024 in Nanjing, and chaired by Prof. Zhen Fang (Nanjing Agricultural university), co-chaired by Prof. RL Smith (Tohoku) and Xinhua Qi (Nankai). Detailed information will be announced later.

The symposium was delayed to 2024! (会议延至2024年9月)。

ISASWR is a combined series of international conferences of former ‘International Symposium on Hydrothermal Reactions (ISHR)’ and former ‘International Conference on Solvo-Thermal Reactions (ICSTR)’.

ISASWR is held at two or three years intervals since 2007 at the following places:

1st 2007 in Kochi, Japan, organized by Prof. Nakamichi Yamasaki (Tohoku Univ.)

2nd 2009 in Sanya, China

3rd 2011 in Hawaii, USA

4th 2014 in Shanxi, China, organized by Prof. Cheng (Tsinghua Univ.)

5th 2017 Fukuoka, Japan


Topical Areas (tentative)

    Agricultural Waste Utilization, Recycle and Field Studies

    Agricultural Wastewater Treatment

    Algal Systems and Energy Crops For Water Reduction

    Biomass Liquefaction, Gasification and Pyrolysis

    Biomass Pretreatment and Conversion Methods

    Biosensing and Non-destructive Techniques for Food Security

    Fundamental Theory for Biomass Properties

    Hydrothermal Carbonization and Biochar Applications

    Hydrothermal Technology For Agricultural Wastes

    Low Material Intensity and Negative Carbon Systems

    Supercritical Fluid Technology for Food and Pharmaceuticals

    Synergetic Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Water Conservation and Energy-Saving Systems