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副主编: Prof. Zhen Fang appointed as Associate Editor of Journal of Renewable Materials

星期四, 27 8 月, 2020

Recently, Prof. Zhen Fang was appointed as Associate Editor of Journal of Renewable Materials (JRM) as announced by Dr. Yingtao Jiang, President of Tech Science Press. JRM is an interdisciplinary journal publishing original research covering all aspects of bio-based materials, sustainable materials, and green chemistry. The scope of the journal is devoted to reports of new and original experimental and theoretical research in the areas of materials, engineering, physics, bioscience, and chemistry, which are related to the critical renewable and recyclable applications. JRM is indexed and abstracted in SCI, Scopus and Ingenta (Q3 in materials sciences, composites).

As an Associate Editor, his major responsibilities include:

1) Submit one original paper or invite one high-quality paper per year,

2) organize regular peer review for manuscripts submitted to JRM per year;

3) organize a special issue composed of five or more papers dealing with a hot topic within the scope of JRM per 2 years.

In addition, Prof. Z FANG is/was also serving:


  1. Springer Book Series – Biofuels and Biorefineries (2012-)
  2. Current Chinese Science, Section Energy, Bentham Science Publishers Ltd, United Arab Emirates (11/2019-now)


  1. Biotechnology for Biofuels ( (IF  4.8, Q1) (2012-now)
  2. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids (IF 3.7, Q2) (02/2018-now)


  1. Biotechnology for Biofuels (IF 4.8, Q1) (2011-2012)
  2. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining (Biofpr) (IF 4.5, Q1) (2012-2018)
  3. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids (IF 3.7, Q2) (07/2017-02/2018)
  4. Energy, Sustainability and Society (IF 2.0, Q3)  (2011-now)
  5. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening (IF 1.2, Q3) (05/2018-now) (
  6. Energy and Policy Research  (Taylor & Francis) (2016-2018) (


近日,经技术和科学出版社社长Yingtao Jiang博士宣布,方老师被任命为《可再生材料杂志》(JRM)的副主编。JRM是一个跨学科的期刊,出版原创研究,涵盖生物基材料、可持续材料和绿色化学的各个方面。该杂志的范围致力于报道材料、工程、物理、生物科学和化学领域的新的和原创的实验和理论研究,这些领域与关键的可再生和可回收应用有关。JRM在SCI、Scopus和Ingenta(材料科学,复合材料JCR Q3区)中被索引和摘要。


1) 每年提交一篇原创论文或邀请一篇高质量论文,

2) 每年定期对提交给JRM的稿件进行同行评审;

3) 每两年组织一期专题,由五篇以上的论文组成,涉及JRM范围内的一个热点话题。

Miss WJ Cong (PhD student) wins President Scholarship of NJAU

星期四, 27 8 月, 2020

校长奖学金:Miss WJ Cong (PhD student) wins President Scholarship of NJAU

Recently, PhD student Miss Wen-jie Cong (supervisor: Prof. Zhen Fang) has won the prestigious President Scholarship of NJAU in 2020 for her innovative technology on green production of biodiesel after defense among 23 nominees. Each prize winner got 40,000 yuan to finance their schooling for PhD degree.

The President scholarship of Nanjing Agricultural University (NJAU) represents the highest academic honor for postgraduate students. The candidates should have made great achievements in theoretical contributions or application innovations. No more than 10 PhD students (total PhD students in NJAU are about 2000) and 20 master’s students will be awarded every year. After recommendation by experts, preliminary examination and public defense, 8 doctoral students and 20 master candidates won the President scholarship of Nanjing Agricultural University in 2020.


Related news about her biodiesel green production can be seen at:






1. WJ Cong, YT Wang, H Li, Zhen Fang*, J Sun, HT Liu, JT Liu, S Tang, L Xu. Direct production of biodiesel from waste oils with a strong solid base from alkalized industrial clay ash. Applied Energy, 264,114735 (2020),

2. 方真*,丛文杰,程颖,简天山,左振,李虎,唐松;一种以废白土为原料合成碱催化剂的方法及其用于制备生物柴油;中国发明专利(已受理),申请号:202010111555.9(2020.2.24).