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Drs. Chin-Hua Chia and Hong Cui visit Biomass Group and give lectures to Group Members

星期三, 25 7 月, 2012

  2012.7.18-19, Dr. Chin-Hua Chia and Dr. Hong Cui, who come from Univesiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universityof Hawaiiat Manoa, visited Xishuangbanna tropic botanical garden and lectured for biomass group members. In the afternoon of July 18 , Dr. Chin-Hua Chia first introduced biomass resources in Malaysia, then he reported their research projects, targets and achievements in his research team. Their research achievements including: Production of glucose from EFB cellulose via acid hydrolysis (HCl and H2SO4); Production and characterization of cellulose and nano-crystalline cellulose (NCC) from kenaf core wood; Production of antibacterial cellulose and chitosan beads loaded with silver (Ag) nanoparticles and graphene oxide (GO); et al. (更多…)


星期三, 25 7 月, 2012

  2012年7月18-19日,马来西亚国民大学谢郑华博士及美国夏威夷大学崔洪博士等人参观我园生物能源组,并给生物能源组成员做了相关的学术报告。7月18日下午,谢博士首先介绍了马来西亚生物质资源,如棕榈、麻黄等,然后报告了近几年来谢博士所在研究组近几年来所致力于的研究工作、研究目标和取得的研究成果。研究成果如:酸(Hcl和H2SO4)水解棕榈果壳纤维生产葡萄糖;酸水解麻黄木材生产纤维素和纳米纤维素;抗菌纤维素和壳聚糖小球负载银纳米颗粒及石墨氧化物的生产,等等。7月19日上午,崔博士围绕夏威夷优势生物质资源合欢、鼻草、甘蔗渣等展开了以生物质热化学转化为主题的学术报告,内容主要涉及生物质预处理,气化过程,净化过程(合成气成分分析,气态硫化物分析,焦油采集分析,NH3/Cl 采集分析,HCN采集分析,微量元素采集分析)。此外,两位博士耐心为课题组成员解疑答惑。 (更多…)

Prof. Zhen FANG was invited as Editor-in-Chief, Springer Book Series – Biofuels and Biorefineries

星期一, 9 7 月, 2012

Recently, Springer has launched a book series entitled, “Biofuels and Biorefineries” with Professor Zhen Fang ( serving as Editor-in-Chief. (更多…)