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星期四, 30 9 月, 2021

航空燃料合成Lanthanide catalyst for synthesis of jet fuel intermediates

Recently, master student Miss Lu-ping Li supervised by Dr. Xiao Kong and Prof. Zhen Fang published a research article in Molecular Catalysis about the synthesis of jet fuel intermediates.

Jet fuel precursors (4-(2-furyl)-3-buten-2-one (FAc) and 1,5-di-2-furanyl-1,4-pentadien-3-one (F2Ac)) can be produced from aldol condensation between furfural and acetone over basic catalysts. However, there is still a need to develop efficient alkaline catalysts and understand the role of alkaline sites. In this work, La2O2CO3-Al2O3 catalyst was successfully prepared by coprecipitation and the effect of preparation conditions on the properties and catalytic performance was investigated. Experiments showed that La2O2CO3 and La2O3 were formed after calcination, and the activity was greatly improved by the introduction of La2O2CO3. At higher coprecipitation pH, rod-shaped La2O2CO3 was formed, exposing basic La3+-O2- sites for good performance in aldol condensation reactions. The catalytic performance of La2O2CO3-Al2O3 in aldol condensation of furfural with acetone was also evaluated and compared with that of Al2O3, La2O3, La2O3-Al2O3, La(OH)₃/Al2O3 and La2O2CO3/Al2O3. A total conversion of furfural can be realized with F2Ac yield of 67.8% at a furfural/acetone ratio of 1/1 and 90 oC, with a FAc yield of 25.8% at the same time. The deactivation mechanism of the La2O2CO3-Al2O3 catalyst was also studied.

Liquid fuel precursors can be produced by furfural-acetone aldol condensation over La2O2CO3-Al2O3 catalyst with C13 yield of 67.8%(通过糠醛和丙酮之间的羟醛缩合在La2O2CO3-Al2O3催化剂上制备液体燃料中间体,C13产率为67.8%)

Related results were published in Molecular Catalysis:

Lu-ping Li, Zhen Fang*, Xiao Kong*, Wen-Jie Cong, Molecular Catalysis, 515, 111893 (2021).



最近,硕士生李路平(女)在方真老师和孔晓博士的指导下,在国际学术期刊Molecular Catalysis(IF5.062,Q2)上发表关于镧系催化剂用于合成航空燃料中间体的研究文章。

通过糠醛和丙酮的羟醛缩合可以在碱性催化剂上获得航空燃料前体呋喃加合物4-(2-呋喃基)-3-丁烯-2-酮(FAc)和1,5-二-2-呋喃基-1,4-戊二烯-3-酮(F2Ac)。然而,仍然需要开发有效的碱性催化剂并了解碱性位点的作用。本工作采用共沉淀法成功制备了La2O2CO3-Al2O3催化剂,并研究了制备条件对其结构和催化性能的影响。实验表明,经煅烧后形成La2O2CO3和La2O3,而La2O2CO3极大的提高了催化活性。在较高的共沉淀pH值下可以形成棒状的La2O2CO3,并暴露出更多的La3+-O2-碱性位点,在羟醛缩合反应中表现出良好的性能。之后,在糠醛与丙酮的羟醛缩合实验中评价了La2O2CO3-Al2O3的催化性能,并与Al2O3、La2O3、La2O3-Al2O3、La(OH)3/Al2O3和La2O2CO3/Al2O3的进行了催化性能的比较。在糠醛/丙酮比为1/1和90 oC下,糠醛的总转化率为67.8%,同时FAc产率为25.8%。最后研究了La2O2CO3-Al2O3催化剂的失活机理。详情可见:

Lu-ping Li, Zhen Fang*, Xiao Kong*, Wen-Jie Cong, Molecular Catalysis, 515, 111893 (2021).

水热胺化Hydrothermal amination of biomass to nitrogenous chemicals

星期四, 23 9 月, 2021

水热胺化Hydrothermal amination of biomass to nitrogenous chemicals

Recently, Profs. Hu Li (Guizhou University) and Zhen Fang, published a review (Critical review, 2021 Green Chemistry Hot Articles) paper in Green Chemistry about hydrothermal amination of biomass to nitrogenous chemicals.

Biomass is the most abundant and low-cost renewable source for the production of value-added nitrogen-containing compounds. However, a large amount of water exists in natural biomass and relevant bio-derivatives, which often need to be removed prior to conducting valorization processes. Direct use of wet biomass and bio-derivatives as feedstocks definitely avoids energy consumption of drying processes, in which water acts as a reactive medium and is friendly to the environment and reaction devices. Hydrothermal amination of wet biomass feedstocks is thus an attractive technical strategy for producing nitrogen-containing compounds. This review summarizes state-of-the-art technologies in hydrothermal amination of natural biomass, bio-polymeric derivatives, and bio-based platform molecules with or without nitrogenous species into organonitrogen chemicals. Efforts are made to shed light on conversion routes and economic/environmental impacts of biomass hydrothermal amination. Challenges and perspectives on the large-scale production of biomass-derived nitrogenous compounds are also put forward.

Conversion routes, processing strategies, state-of-the-art technical advances, challenges and perspectives in hydrothermal amination of N-rich biomass sources and N-free biomass feedstocks to nitrogenous chemicals.(水热胺化富氮和无氮生物质原料为含氮化学品的转化路线、加工策略、最新技术进展、挑战和前景。).

Related results were published in Green Chemistry:

HG Wu, H Li,* Zhen Fang*, Hydrothermal Amination of Biomass to Nitrogenous Chemicals, Green Chemistry, 23, 6675-6697, (2021) (Critical review, 2021 Green Chemistry Hot Articles)),


李虎和方真教授在国际学术期刊Green Chemistry发表学术论文:


最近,国际学术期刊Green Chemistry以Critical review形式,发表了生物质水热胺化制备含氮化合物的综述。



Related results were published in Green Chemistry:

HG Wu, H Li,* Zhen Fang*, Hydrothermal Amination of Biomass to Nitrogenous Chemicals, Green Chemistry, 23, 6675-6697, (2021) (Critical review, 2021 Green Chemistry Hot Articles),

星期一, 6 9 月, 2021

博士答辩Miss Wen-jie Cong successfully defended her doctoral dissertation

Started from 2:30 pm September 1, 2021, Miss Wen-jie Cong supervised by Prof. Zhen Fang, successfully defended her dissertation at B404 Huixian Building, Pukou Campus of Nanjing Agricultural University. The defending committee was composed of Prof. Jian-chun Jiang (Chair) from Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Prof. Zhao-ping Zhong from Southeast University as well as Profs Chang-ying Ji, Wei-min Ding and Chun-xia He from Nanjing Agricultural University.

Miss Wen-jie Cong presented her research results for doctoral dissertation in 30 min, the committee members raised relevant questions. Miss Cong studied the production of biodiesel and hydrogen from waste oil with solid bases from spent bleaching clay and metal-organic framework with dissertation entitled “solid bases derived from spent bleaching clay and nickel metal-organic framework for biodiesel and hydrogen production”. Her work realized full utilization of solid waste (spent bleaching clay) for high efficient production of biodiesel with waste oil, and built a green processing for co-production of biodiesel and hydrogen with nickel MOF-based alkali. She co-authored 7 papers and first-authored 2 papers. After discussion, the panel agreed that Miss Cong had successfully completed her research and course requirements on agricultural bio-environment and energy engineering, voted by secret ballot and decided to confer Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering to Miss Cong subjected to the approval by the Academic Degrees Committees of the college and university.


She published 2 first-authored papers:

  1. Cong W-J, Wang Y-T, Li H, Fang Z*, et al. Direct production of biodiesel from waste oils with a strong solid base from alkalized industrial clay ash. Applied Energy (IF= 9.746, Q1). 2020;264:114735.
  2. Cong W-J, Nanda S, Li H, Fang Z*, et al. Metal–organic framework-based functional catalytic materials for biodiesel production: a review. Green Chemistry (IF= 10.182, Q1). 2021;23:2595-2618.


2021年9月1日下午2:30 pm,天空晴朗,万里无云,南京农业大学生物能源组2017级博士研究生丛文杰(女)同学(导师方真老师)毕业答辩会在南京农业大学浦口校区汇贤楼B404举行。中国工程院院士、中国林业科学研究院林产化工研究所研究员蒋剑春担任答辩评审委员会主席,东南大学能源与环境学院二级教授仲兆平,南京农业大学的姬长英教授,何春霞教授和丁为民教授共五位专家担任评审委员。