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Professor Dong Mingdong and Doctor Lin Lin visit Biomass Group and give lectures to Group Members

星期一, 7 1 月, 2013

  2012.12.31, ProfDong Mingdong and Dr. Lin Lin, who come from iNANO, visited Xishuangbanna tropic botanical garden and lectured for biomass group members. In the morning of December 31, ProfDong first introduced a series research works of using scanning probe microscopy and related techniques for analysis structure characteristics and biological effects of macromolecular under nanometer scales. He emphasized the applications of molecular self assembled in the DNA structure changes, applications of atomic force microscopy in biology, study of the macromolecular self assembly using scanning tunneling microscopy, test and analysis of single molecule mechanical spectrum, Filamentous bacteria transport electrons over centimeter distances. Then, Dr. Lin reported preparation of a novel carbon based catalyst and its application in biodiesel production. (更多…)


星期一, 7 1 月, 2013

  2012年12月31日,丹麦交叉多学科纳米科学中心董明东教授与林琳博士参观我园生物能源组,并给生物能源组成员做了相关的学术报告。12月31日上午,董教授首先报告了利用扫描探针显微及相关技术在纳米尺度上对生物大分子结构特征及生物学作用进行的一系列的研究工作,着重介绍了分子自组装在DNA的结构转变中的应用,原子力显微镜的生物学中的应用、扫描隧道显微镜研究生物大分子自组装、单分子力学谱的测试与分析、发现了海泥具导电性且证实了导电性源自丝状菌。紧接着,林琳博士报告了新型纳米碳基催化剂制备及其在生物柴油领域的应用。 (更多…)