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国际会议Int’l Symp. on Biomass Utilization in Agriculture and Forestry (BUAF2022)

星期四, 4 5 月, 2023


发展低碳技术、可再生能源及可持续发展策略是实现联合国可持续发展目标(Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs)的重要手段。农林生物质利用已成为农业、环境、能源、材料等领域研究热点。2022年12月15日-16日,国际农林生物质利用研讨会(BUAF2022)在线上隆重召开。

本次研讨会(BUAF2022)由南京农业大学主办,南京农业大学方真教授为大会主席,主题为“生物质利用助推可持续发展”。15位来自比利时、加拿大、德国、日本、马来西亚、美国、西班牙和中国的世界知名学者【6位国内外院士(包括大会主席)、2位美国会士、1位国家友谊奖获得者】汇聚一堂分享其在生物质利用领域的最新研究进展。意大利都灵大学Giancarlo Cravotto教授;比利时根特大学Kevin M Van Geem教授;中国科学院院士、Green Chemistry副主编、中国科学院化学研究所韩布兴教授;加拿大工程院院士、加拿大化工学会主席、多伦多大学Charles Q Jia教授;日本东北大学Richard L Smith, Jr教授;加拿大工程院院士、湖首大学工学院院长Janusz A Kozinski教授;德国霍恩海姆大学Dr habil, Andrea Kruse教授;西班牙科尔多瓦大学Rafael Luque教授;日本广岛大学Yukihiko Matsumura教授;国家友谊奖获得者、德国生物质研究中心科学主任、德国罗斯托克大学Dr mont Michael Nelles教授;美国农业和生物工程学会会士、明尼苏达大学Roger Ruan教授;加拿大工程院院士、西安大略大学Charles Xu教授;马来西亚国民大学Sarani Zakaria教授;美国农业与生物工程学会会士、加利福尼亚大学戴维斯分校Ruihong Zhang教授;中国科学院院士、中国科学院副院长张涛教授分享其在生物质能源、生物基材料、生物基化学品和地球碳平衡等相关领域的最新研究成果。会议旨在增进世界各国学者在生物质利用与可持续发展研究方面的国际学术交流与合作。


Part 1 (Dec 15, morning):

Part 2 (Dec 15, afternoon):

Part 3 (Dec 16, morning):

Part 4 (Dec 16, afternoon):

Int’l Symp. on Biomass Utilization in Agriculture and Forestry (BUAF2022)

The International Symposium on Biomass Utilization in Agriculture and Forestry (BUAF2022, Virtual Conference) was successfully held on December 15-16, 2022 and hosted by Nanjing Agricultural University and Jiangsu Foreign Expert Lab. Fifteen Scholars from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Spain and China shared their most recent research activities on biomass energy, bio-based materials, bio-based chemicals, bio-active compounds and biopolymers, and global carbon balance. The purpose is to promote international academic exchange and education and to stimulate cooperative activities in sustainable development of renewable biomass resources.

Organization Committee

Chair: Professor Zhen Fang (Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, FCAE), Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Co-chairs: Professor Janusz A. Kozinski (FCAE), Lakehead University, Canada

Professor Richard L Smith, Jr, Tohoku University, Japan

Professor Charles Xu (FCAE), Western University, Canada

Secretaries: Dr Chengyu Dong (Email:, c: 15011223564)

Ms Jing-mei Chen (Email:, c: 13776504416 )

Assistants: Mr Guo-qiang Zhu, Miss Wan-ying Qiu, Dr Yan Yu (The University of British Columbia), Mr Chun Fang (New York University)




Part 1 (Dec 15, morning):

Part 2 (Dec 15, afternoon):

Part 3 (Dec 16, morning):

Part 4 (Dec 16, afternoon):


Part 1 (Dec 15, morning):

Part 2 (Dec 15, afternoon)

Part 3 (Dec 16, morning):

Part 4 (Dec 16, afternoon):


1.Enabling Technologies for Biomass Extraction and Conversion

Professor Giancarlo Cravotto

Editor-in-Chief of Processes, University of Turin, Italy

2.Gaining Fundamental Understanding of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis by Advanced Experimentation, Genetic Modifications and Kinetic Modeling

Professor Kevin M Van Geem

Ghent University, Belgium

3.Conversion of Biomass into Chemicals and Fuels

Professor Buxing Han

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemistry

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China

4.Monolithic Wood Biochar as Functional Material for Sustainability

Professor Charles Q Jia

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry

University of Toronto, Canada

5.Green Chemical Processes for Upgrading Biomass and Agricultural Wastes

Professor Richard L Smith, Jr

Graduate School of Environmental Studies (GSES)/GP-RSS

Tohoku University, Japan.

6.Biofuture: Exotic Combustion in Supercritical Water

Professor Janusz A Kozinski

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Dean of Engineering, Lakehead University, Canada

7.The Hohenheim on-Farm Biorefinery

Professor Dr habil, Andrea Kruse

University of Hohenheim, Germany

8.Biomass Valorisation into High-added Value Products: from Energy Vectors to Pharmaceuticals

Professor Rafael Luque

Editor in Chief of Molecular Catalysis, University of Cordoba, Spain

9.Hiroshima Scenario: Possibility of Biomass as Carbon Source and Contribution of Agriculture for Carbon Neutral Society

Professor Yukihiko Matsumura

Hiroshima University, Japan

10.Recovery of Organic Waste and Residues (in Germany) – The Role in Waste Management, Energy System, Bioeconomy and Climate Protection

Professor Dr mont Michael Nelles

University of Rostock Scientific Director of the German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ), Germany

11.Sustainable Agricultural Solid and Liquid Waste Utilization for Circular and Sustainable Economy Development

Professor Roger Ruan

Fellow of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

University of Minnesota, USA

12.Re-engineering Natural Wood into High Strength Lightweight Bio-composite Material for Structural Application

Professor Charles Xu

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering

Western University, Canada

13.Effect of Hybridization of Inorganic/Organic Acid as the Liquefaction Catalyst on the Properties of Liquefied Kenaf Polyols

Professor Sarani Zakaria

Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia), Malaysia

14.Transforming Food and Agricultural Waste into Bioenergy and Bioproducts

Professor Ruihong Zhang

Fellow of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

University of California, Davis, USA

15.Biomass conversion to ethylene glycol: from fundamental research to industrial application

Professor Tao Zhang

Vice-President and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Conference Photos

Vice-president Professor Feng Hu (middle-right), Dean Professor Hua Li (right) and Professor Zhen Fang (middle-left), Nanjing Agricultural University

Chair of BUAF 2022, Professor Zhen Fang, Nanjing Agricultural University

Vice-president Professor Tao Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Janusz A Kozinski (Lakehead University, Canada), host of Dec15 morning section (top-right)

Professor Buxing Han, Chinese Academy of Sciences (bottom-left)

Professor Roger Ruan, University of Minnesota (USA, bottom-middle)

Professor Richard L Smith, Jr (Tohoku University, Japan), host of Dec15 afternoon section (bottom-left) , Professor Dr mont Michael Nelles, University of Rostock (Germany, top-right)

Professor Giancarlo Cravotto, University of Turin (Italy, bottom-left)

Professor Yukihiko Matsumura, Hiroshima University (Japan, top-middle), Professor Kevin M Van Geem, Ghent University (Belgium, top-right)

Professor Sarani Zakaria, the National University of Malaysia (Malaysia, bottom-left)

Professor Charles Xu, (Western University, Canada) host of Dec16 morning section (bottom-right) , Professor Charles Q Jia, University of Toronto (Canada)

Professor Ruihong Zhang, University of California, Davis (USA)

Professor Rafael Luque, University of Cordoba (Spain, bottom-left), Professor Dr habil, Andrea Kruse, University of Hohenheim (Germany, top-right)

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