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Jatropha biodiesel industry in China

星期三, 29 2 月, 2012

  Jatropha curcas L. is chosen as an ideal biodiesel crop in China because its seed kernel has high oil content (43–61%) and it does not compete with food. Its oil is non-edible, and the trees can resist drought and grow on barren and marginal lands without using arable land. Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) of Chinese acedemy of Sciences (CAS) as a national institute has a long histroy in study and commercialization of Jatropha industry, and made great progress in Jatropha plantation, breeding and crude oil processing. Two new high-seed/oil yield varieties (Jatropha nigroviensrugosus CY Yang; Jatropha curcas cv. multiflorm CY Yang) were bred. Novel green processes to produce biodiese, such as a two-step method using ultrasonic radiation, one-step process using ionic liquids and nanocatalysts, were also developed. (更多…)


星期四, 9 2 月, 2012

2012年1月30日-2月3日,加拿大第98届制浆和造纸学会 (PAPTAC)年会 (Paperweek 2012 Canada) 暨第二届国际生物冶炼研讨会(the 2nd International Forest Biorefinery Symposium) 在蒙特利尔市举行。来自加拿大、法国、美国、瑞典、芬兰等国制浆和生物质冶炼领域的企业主、管理与经营决策经理、学界科研人员、工程师和政府官员共计近500人齐聚蒙城,共同探讨当前国际经济形势下传统产业面临的挑战和发展森林生物质冶炼产业的机遇。 (更多…)