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星期二, 15 6 月, 2021

方真教授当选加拿大工程院院士Prof. Zhen Fang has been elected as 2021 Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering

Fifty-two new Fellows elected into the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE)

Ottawa – (14 June 2021) – President Yves Beauchamp welcomed 50 new elected Fellows and two new International Fellows to the Canadian Academy of Engineering on 14 June 2021. Prof. Zhen Fang at Nanjing Agricultural University among the CAE’s 52 new fellows for 2021 has been elected into the CAE. Due to the complications with the COVID-19 pandemic, new Fellows were welcomed virtually, in conjunction with the Academy’s 2021 Annual General Meeting.

Dr. Donna Strickland (FCAE, Nobel Prize in Physics 2018) and Dr. Lorne Trottier (FCAE, entrepreneur and philanthropist) were invited to give “Douglas Ruth Memorial Lecture” entitled “Global Environmental Measurement and Monitoring” and “A Perspective on Climate Change and 21st Century Challenge”, respectively.

The Induction Ceremony, which will honor both the 2020 and 2021 elected Fellows, has been postponed to October 2021, and will be held virtually.

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Miss Lu-ping Li successfully defended her Master thesis

星期四, 10 6 月, 2021

Miss Lu-ping Li successfully defended her Master thesis

In the afternoon of June 3, 2021, Miss Lu-ping Li supervised by Prof. Zhen Fang, successfully defended her thesis in B404 Huixian Building, Pukou Campus of Nanjing Agricultural University. The defending committee was composed of Profs. Min Kang (chair) & Chun-xia He, and associate Profs. Xiu-qing Fu & Xing-shen Wang from Nanjing Agricultural University, as well as external member Senior Researcher Mr. Jun-heng Liu from Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (China) co., ltd.

Miss Lu-ping Li presented her research results for Master thesis in 15 min, the committee members raised relevant questions. Based on the replies and external thesis reviews, the panel agreed that Miss Li had successfully completed her research and course requirements on agricultural bio-environment and energy engineering. Miss Li studied the production of liquid fuel precursors from furfural with research entitled “Synthesis of liquid fuel precursors from furfural with lanthanide-based oxide catalyst”. Her work realized the efficient conversion of furfural and significantly improved the yield of 1,5-di-2-furanyl-1,4-pentadien-3-one. She co-authored 2 papers. After the jury voted by secret ballot, the panel agreed to confer Master of Science in Engineering Degree to Miss Lu-ping Li, subjected to the approval by the Academic Degrees Committees of the college and university.

She got a decent Job in a provincial Bank close to Nanjing.

Congratulations to Miss Li!