Prof. Sarani Zakaria from UKM (Malaysia) visited our Lab

Prof. Sarani Zakaria from UKM (Malaysia) visited our Lab

As invited by Prof. Zhen Fang, in the morning of October 5th, 2019, Prof Sarani Zakaria from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM; Bangi, Malaysia), visited our Lab. Prof. Fang gave a detailed introduction of the current research areas, research progress, and how to use the related instruments and equipment in our lab.

Prof. Z Fang has a long-term cooperative relationship with Prof. Zakaria’s group at UKM and co-supervised 4 PhD students (Drs. Fei Ling Pua, Siew Xian Chin, Suet Pin Fan, Umar Adli Bin Amran) and co-authored some research articles since 2011. He hopes that this visit will further enhance friendship and deepen cooperation in research, promote the development of international student exchanges and other activities, particularly jointly apply for research grants from different sources such as “One Belt and One Road”.



2019年10月05日上午,国立马来西亚大学Sarani Zakaria教授应方老师邀请来南京农业大学生物能源组访问和交流。Sarani Zakaria教授一行在方真教授带领下参观了生物能源实验室,方老师为其详细地介绍了目前实验室相关研究方向、研究进展以及相关仪器和设备的使用方法和功能。

方教授与Zakaria教授在马来西亚国立大学的团队有着长期的合作关系,自2011年以来,两人共同培养了4名马来西亚博士生(Fei Ling Pua潘慧琳小姐, Siew Xian Chin陈秀娴小姐, Suet Pin Fan范雪彬小姐, Umar Adli Bin Amran先生),同时也合作撰写了一些研究论文。方老师和Zakaria教授希望通过此次访问,能够进一步增进两团队的友谊,促进国际学生交流等活动的发展;深化科研合作,特别是联合申请不同渠道的科研资助,例如国家积极响应的“一带一路”建设工程项目。