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星期六, 5月 14th, 2016


Biodiesel is synthesized successfully in a pilot continuous compacted flow reactor (3-5 t/day) designed by biomass group

Supported by CAS “135” projects (XTBG-T02), “study on the scientific basis for large-scale synthesis of Jatropha biodiesel”, under the guidance of Prof. Zhen Fang, Mr. Zhang fan (doctoral student) designed and set up a patented continuous flow reactor (ZL 201420785283.0, license transferred to Shandong Yikang pharmaceutical co. LTD on Oct. 23, 2018) for biodiesel production. The reactor system is composed of control panel, continuous feeding unit, reaction body, continuous discharge unit, product purification and separation unit.

Jatropha biodiesel was produced successfully on 28 April, 2016, with biodiesel production up to 3-5 tons/day in a 5 L of vessel volume (operating space). Compared with traditional batch and flow reactors, the reactor has superior characteristics of small volume, low energy consumption, and high production efficiency. Assisted with magnetic solid base (CN 201410764721.X) and solid acid catalysts prepared by Biomass group, green production of biodiesel was realized successfully with easy separation of catalyst by a magnet  for cycles. Related results were patented and published in international journals, Fuel, Energy, Applied Energy and Green Chemistry.

Related patents and papers:

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连续流动釜式反应装置连续高效合成生物柴油 (Continuous production of biodiesel, 3-5 t/day)

由中科院“一三五”项目突破二课题“小桐子规模化合成生物液体燃料的科学基础研究”的支持,在导师方真研究员的悉心指导下,在职博士生张帆作为项目主要完成人设计组建了连续流动釜式反应装置(ZL 201420785283.0, 专利2018年10月,转让于山东益康药业有限公司),该装置由操控台、连续进料单元、反应釜主体、连续出料单元、产物纯化和分离单元等组成,该连续流动釜式反应装置可以同时解决:传统间歇批次釜式反应装置需要批次进料、反应效率低和反应能耗高等问题;以及传统连续流动管式反应装置混合效果差、固体催化剂易堵塞管路和需要提供持续高压等问题。

2016年4月28日,生物能源组利用连续流动釜式反应装置成功实现了小桐子生物柴油连续合成工艺,仅5L的釜体容积,5 m2的操作空间,生物柴油产量即可达到3-5吨/天,与传统批次或流动反应装置相比,体现出外型小、能耗低和效率高等优越特性。结合本课题组设计制备的碳基磁性固体碱催化剂(CN 201410764721.X)和磁性含碳固体酸催化剂,有望解决催化剂分离回收成本高、反应区域难以控制和固体催化剂堵塞管路等工业难题,同时未参与反应的甲醇可及时回收再利用,生物柴油副产物甘油可以水热气化合成氢气,从而实现连续高效合成生物柴油的绿色工艺研究。相关研究成果已经在Fuel, Energy, Applied EnergyGreen Chemistry等国际期刊上发表,并得到国内外专家学者的宝贵建议和充分肯定。