38 Chinese, 4 US and 5 international PCT invention patents filed (23 Chinese and 3 US patents were granted)


  1. Method, Equipment and Applications for Fast Complete Dissolution and Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass. International PCT invention patent #: PCT/CN2008/000623, application date: March 28, 2008; disclosure publication date: Feb. 12, 2009, publication#: WO 2009/018709 A1;

  • Chinese invention patent: CN101638442-A CN101235095-A (Aug., 2008); ZL200710141265.3 (June, 2013) (GRANTED).
  • US patent#: 8268126 (Issue date: 09/18/2012).
  •   2. A Magnetic Solid Catalyst and Its Applications (in lignocellulose hydrolysis). Chinese invention patent: ZL201010243359.3, May 2012 (GRANTED).
  •   3. A High-efficient and Energy-saving Device for Lignocellulosic Biomass Hydrolysis.  Chinese invention patent#: ZL201020562302.5, Jan. 2011 (GRANTED).
  •   4. A Reactor System for Ethanol Production, Chinese invention patent, ZL200920253718.6, June 2010 (GRANTED).
  •   5. A Novel Method (by Using Solid Base Catalyst) for Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass. Chinese invention patent: CN101638441-A (Feb, 2010); ZL200910094892.5 (April, 2011) (GRANTED).
  •   6. A Novel Method (by Using Solid Acid Catalyst) for Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass. Chinese invention patent: CN101638442-A (Feb, 2010); ZL200910094893.X (April, 2011) (GRANTED).
  •   7. A Novel Process for Continuous Extraction of Curcin from Jatropha Seeds. Chinese invention patent: CN101463073-A (June 2009); ZL200910094015.8, Aug. 2011 (GRANTED).
  •   8. A Continuous Reactor for Bio-Diesel Production. Chinese patent: ZL200820081793.4, July 2009 (GRANTED).
  •   9. A Method and Equipment to Continuously Produce Bio-Diesel from Jatropha Oil. Chinese invention patent: CN101381613-A (March 11, 2009); ZL200810058974.X, Aug. 2011 (GRANTED).
  •   10. A High Pressure and High Temperature Flow Reactor for the Production of Biofuels.
  • Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201320359907.8, Dec. 2013 (GRANTED).
  •   11. An Autoclave Used for Separation and Recovery of Magnetic Catalysts for Biofuels Production.
  • Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201220038727.5, Sep. 2012 (GRANTED).
  •   12. A Magnetic Solid Catalyst (CaFe2O4) and Its Applications. Chinese invention patent:  CN102513000-A (June, 2012); ZL201110334924.1 (August, 2013). (GRANTED).
  •   13. A Method to Pretreat and Hydrolyze Microcrystalline Cellulose. Chinese invention patent:  CN102382870-A (March, 2012); ZL201110227943.4 (May, 2013). (GRANTED).
  •   14. A Method for the Production of Biodiesel Catalyzed by Solid Acid Derived from Lignin. Chinese invention patent: CN102188995-A (Sep. 2011); ZL201110080225.9, March    2013 (GRANTED).
  •   15. Method for the dissolving and rapid hydrolyzing of lignocellulosic biomass, device thereof and use of the same. Chinese invention patent: CN101974161-A (Feb. 2011); ZL201010297515.4, Oct. 2012 (GRANTED). International PCT invention patent, PCT/CN2011/001099, US patent#: 9243303 (Issue date: 01/26/2016).
  •   16.  A Micro Reactor for the Hydrolysis and Liquefaction of Biomass.Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201320359823.4, Dec. 2013 (GRANTED).
  •   17. A Method to Produce 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural by Solid Acid Catalysts.Chinese invention patent: CN102399201-A (April, 2012); ZL201110376665.9 (April, 2014). (GRANTED).
  •    18. A Continuous Flow Reactor for the Production of Soluble Sugars and Biodiesel. Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201420785283.0, (June, 2015). (GRANTED). Patented reactor license transferred to Shandong Yikang pharmaceutical co. LTD on Oct. 23, 2018
  •    19. A Method to Synthesize Mesoporous Activated Biochars. Chinese invention patent, ZL201310331615.8, (June, 2015). (GRANTED).
  •   20. Method of Completely Dissolving and Rapidly Hydrolyzing Cellulose, and Uses of Said Method. International PCT invention patent, PCT/CN2010/001253 (2010).
  •  US patent#: 9115215 (Issue date: 08/25/2015).
  •   21. A Carbon-based Magnetic Solid Base Catalyst and Its Applications. Chinese invention patent: ZL201410764721.X (Sep. 2016), (GRANTED).
  •   22. A Circular Tubular Reactor for Counter-flow Catalytic Reactions with Magnetic Catalysts. Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201620978132.6 (March 2017). (GRANTED).
  •    23. A Carbonaceous Solid Acid Catalyst and Its Application in Biodiesel Production. Chinese invention patent: ZL201710048911.5 (May 2019) (GRANTED).
  •     24. A Method for Direct Catalytic Production of 2,5-Dimethylfuran from Carbohydrates by Modified Pd/C. Chinese invention patent: ZL2017101194402 (Feb. 2019) (GRANTED).


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