40 Chinese, 5 US and 5 international PCT invention patents filed (24 Chinese and 3 US patents were granted)


  1. Method, Equipment and Applications for Fast Complete Dissolution and Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass. International PCT invention patent #: PCT/CN2008/000623, application date: March 28, 2008; disclosure publication date: Feb. 12, 2009, publication#: WO 2009/018709 A1;
Chinese invention patent: CN101638442-A CN101235095-A (Aug., 2008); ZL200710141265.3 (June, 2013) (GRANTED).
US patent#: 8268126 (Issue date: 09/18/2012).

  2. A Magnetic Solid Catalyst and Its Applications (in lignocellulose hydrolysis). Chinese invention patent: ZL201010243359.3, May 2012 (GRANTED).

 3. A High-efficient and Energy-saving Device for Lignocellulosic Biomass Hydrolysis.  Chinese invention patent#: ZL201020562302.5, Jan. 2011 (GRANTED).

  4. A Reactor System for Ethanol Production, Chinese invention patent, ZL200920253718.6, June 2010 (GRANTED).

  5. A Novel Method (by Using Solid Base Catalyst) for Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass. Chinese invention patent: CN101638441-A (Feb, 2010); ZL200910094892.5 (April, 2011) (GRANTED).

  6. A Novel Method (by Using Solid Acid Catalyst) for Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass. Chinese invention patent: CN101638442-A (Feb, 2010); ZL200910094893.X (April, 2011) (GRANTED).

  7. A Novel Process for Continuous Extraction of Curcin from Jatropha Seeds. Chinese invention patent: CN101463073-A (June 2009); ZL200910094015.8, Aug. 2011 (GRANTED).

  8. A Continuous Reactor for Bio-Diesel Production. Chinese patent: ZL200820081793.4, July 2009 (GRANTED).

  9. A Method and Equipment to Continuously Produce Bio-Diesel from Jatropha Oil. Chinese invention patent: CN101381613-A (March 11, 2009); ZL200810058974.X, Aug. 2011 (GRANTED).

 10. A High Pressure and High Temperature Flow Reactor for the Production of Biofuels.

Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201320359907.8, Dec. 2013 (GRANTED).

 11. An Autoclave Used for Separation and Recovery of Magnetic Catalysts for Biofuels Production.

Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201220038727.5, Sep. 2012 (GRANTED).

  12. A Magnetic Solid Catalyst (CaFe2O4) and Its Applications. Chinese invention patent:  CN102513000-A (June, 2012); ZL201110334924.1 (August, 2013). (GRANTED).

  13. A Method to Pretreat and Hydrolyze Microcrystalline Cellulose. Chinese invention patent:  CN102382870-A (March, 2012); ZL201110227943.4 (May, 2013). (GRANTED).

  14. A Method for the Production of Biodiesel Catalyzed by Solid Acid Derived from Lignin. Chinese invention patent: CN102188995-A (Sep. 2011); ZL201110080225.9, March    2013 (GRANTED).

  15. Method for the dissolving and rapid hydrolyzing of lignocellulosic biomass, device thereof and use of the same. Chinese invention patent: CN101974161-A (Feb. 2011); ZL201010297515.4, Oct. 2012 (GRANTED). International PCT invention patent, PCT/CN2011/001099, US patent#: 9243303 (Issue date: 01/26/2016).

  16.  A Micro Reactor for the Hydrolysis and Liquefaction of Biomass.Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201320359823.4, Dec. 2013 (GRANTED).

  17. A Method to Produce 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural by Solid Acid Catalysts.Chinese invention patent: CN102399201-A (April, 2012); ZL201110376665.9 (April, 2014). (GRANTED).

   18. A Continuous Flow Reactor for the Production of Soluble Sugars and Biodiesel. Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201420785283.0, (June, 2015). (GRANTED). Patented reactor license transferred to Shandong Yikang pharmaceutical co. LTD on Oct. 23, 2018

   19. A Method to Synthesize Mesoporous Activated Biochars. Chinese invention patent, ZL201310331615.8, (June, 2015). (GRANTED).

  20. Method of Completely Dissolving and Rapidly Hydrolyzing Cellulose, and Uses of Said Method. International PCT invention patent, PCT/CN2010/001253 (2010).

 US patent#: 9115215 (Issue date: 08/25/2015).

  21. A Carbon-based Magnetic Solid Base Catalyst and Its Applications. Chinese invention patent: ZL201410764721.X (Sep. 2016), (GRANTED).

  22. A Circular Tubular Reactor for Counter-flow Catalytic Reactions with Magnetic Catalysts. Chinese patent (utility model): ZL201620978132.6 (March 2017). (GRANTED).

  23. A Carbonaceous Solid Acid Catalyst and Its Application in Biodiesel Production. Chinese invention patent: ZL201710048911.5 (May 2019) (GRANTED).

    24. A Method for Direct Catalytic Production of 2,5-Dimethylfuran from Carbohydrates by Modified Pd/C. Chinese invention patent: ZL2017101194402 (Feb. 2019) (GRANTED).

   25. A Metal-Free Biochar Deoxidation Catalyst and Its Catalytic Method for the Preparation of Liquid Fuel from Oil Compounds.ZL201910476017.7 (Sep 2020(GRANTED).

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