Our Technology

1. Synthesis and application of nano-catalysts, including catalyze jatropha oil for biodiesel, hydrothermal synthesis of lactic acid from glycerol and catalyze hydrolysis of lignocellulose to fermentable sugar production;

2.  Hydrothermal hydrolysis of cellulose, wood cellulose to fermentable sugars, organic acids, etc.;

3. Acidic ionic liquid catalysts applications (high-efficiency catalytic hydrolysis of wood cellulose);

4.  Precious metal catalysts synthesis and its catalytic preparation of hydrogen from biomass;

5. Microbial fermentation of glycerol into lactic acid, propylene glycol and other chemicals, microbial fermentation of cellulose hydrolysis products into alcohols, ketones, organic acids and other secondary metabolites;

6. Development and application of lignin.

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  1. we are pyrolysis business of biomass like cow dung, cotton ends, rice straw etc.Please suggest with your technology what addition we can add to my business.Hopes you will guide me.

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