Current biomass group:

Two lecturers:

Dr. Xiao Kong (06/2016-now, female), on nanocatalyst synthesis for biomass conversions.    

Dr. Lujiang Xu (06/2017-now), on chemical conversions of biomass.    

Three postdoc fellows:

Dr. Hu Li (4/2016-now), on conversion of biomass with bifunctional solid catalysts.

Dr. He Song (11/2016-now, female), on pretreatment agricultural wastes for biogas.

Dr. Huang Zhang (06/2018-now, female), on biogas production from agricultural wastes.

One secretary:

Ms. Jingmei Chen

Four PhD students:

唐松(2017), 丛文杰(2017, female), 荣昭强(2017), 缪正调 (2018)

Six master students:

张乐瑶 (2017, female), 孙杰 (2017), 魏孝捷 (2017),

李路平 (2018, female), 董倩(2018, female), 董国华(2018)

Ten undergraduate students:

刘杰腾 (2017), 田佳运 (2017, female), 刘海通 (2017, female), 张锴 (2017), 黄艺林 (2017), 吴小兰 (2017, female), 陈诗佳 (2017, female),史陈晨 (2017, female), 刘洋 (2017, female), 孟祥汇 (2015)


Previous biomass group in Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS):

  • One associate professor:
  • Dr. Jia Luo, on conversions of lignin in organic solvents and hot-water.
  • One assistant professor:
  • Dr. Fan Zhang, on catalyst synthesis for hydrolysis and biodiesel conversions.
  • One postdoc student
  • Dr. Mazloom shah (from Pakistan), on decarboxylation of bio-based organic acids and fatty acid methyl esters under hydrothermal conditions using nano-catalysts
  • Seven PhD students:
  • Miss Fengjiao Lai, on conversion of biomass with bi-functional catalysts.
  • Miss Xiyan Sun, on pretreatment of lignocelluloses for enzymatic hydrolysis. (currently visiting for 2 years in UCLA, USA).
  • Miss Dan Jiang (from University of Science and Technology of China), on anaerobic production of biohydrogen from biomass.
  • Mr. Xingkang Li, on chemical production of furfural from biomass (evaluated as excellent student, 2013).
  • Miss Tongchao Su (from University of Science and Technology of China), on solid acid catalyst synthesis for biomass hydrolysis.
  • Miss Yitong Wang, on solid catalysts for the production of biodiesel (awarded national scholarship, 2015);
  • Mr. Umar Adli Bin Amran (from National University of Malaysia), on synthesis of biopolymers from palm oil wastes.
  • Four master students
  • Miss Yuqing Zhu (from University of Science and Technology of China), on fermentation of biomass;
  • Mr. Jing Li, on catalytic hydrothermal gasification of biomass.
  • Miss Yating Yang (from University of Science and Technology of China), on fermentation of biomass;
  • Miss Xingxia Yang, on biodiesel production at low temperatures;
  • Two undergraduate students:
  • Mr. Wen Jiang (from Kunming University of Science and Technology), on biochar production from lignin in organic solvents.
  • Mr. Bo Han (from Kunming University of Science and Technology), on synthesis of biodiesel in flow reactors.







张帆 (在职博士生)


孙西艳(2011级)   张帆(在职 2013级)    江丹(2013级)    李兴康(2013级)   苏同超(2014级)   赖风娇(2015级)   王一同(2016级)   Umar Adli Bin Amran  (马来西亚国立大学联合培养, 2015级)


朱长辉(2013级)    李靖(2014级)      朱玉芹(2014级)    杨亚婷(2015级)    杨星霞(2015级)


韩波 (2016级)蒋文 (2016级)


刘云虎    本科 ,湘潭大学与课题组合作(2008)

张绍志    硕士 ,西南林业大学与课题组合作(2009)

胡远飞    本科 ,云南民族大学与课题组合作(2009)

龙运多    硕士 ,转博(2008-2010)

李一华    本科 ,西南林业大学与课题组合作(2010)

薛宝金    本科 ,云南大学与课题组合作(2010)

戎净霈    专科 ,思茅师专实习生(2010)

周铁军    本科 ,昆明理工大学(2011本科毕业设计)

杨林彬    本科 ,昆明理工大学(2011本科毕业设计)

张 帆      硕士 ,湘潭大学(联合培养, 2011)

潘慧琳   博士(马来西亚国立大学联合培养, 2011)

蒋丽群    硕士 ,转博(2009-2011)

黄 梅  (2012本科毕业设计)

王志斌  (2012本科毕业设计)


田霄飞  (博士生    2009级)

龙运多  ( 博士生    2010级)

薛宝金  (硕士生    2010级)

蒋丽群  ( 博士生    2011级)

吴学华(博士生 昆明理工大学联合培养)

范雪彬  (博士生 马来西亚国立大学联合培养, 2012)

陈秀娴 Siew Xian Chin  (博士生 马来西亚国立大学联合培养, 2012)

李虎  (博士生 贵州大学联合培养, 2012)

黄 梅  (硕士生 2012级)

李兴康(硕士生 2011级)转博

江 丹(硕士生 2011级)转博

苏同超(硕士生 2012)转博

王一同(硕士生 2013级) 转博